5. November 2014

Dirk Heene 8.Dan, Präsident Kase Ha Shotokan Ryu Karate Do

Dear Marina ,Family

Members of the Kase Ha Academy ,Karatefriends,


Bernd Brezinski passed away…


It was in Fatima ,Portugal during the karatecourse, that I received the message from Christian .

Now reflecting and thinking in the Honbu Dojo in Hasselt ….something about Bernd .


Bernd was everywhere with enthousiasm , engagement and a good dose of humour .

He believed in Sensei Kase’s karate and in the Academy.

He was one of the founders and the soul of the 5 days karatecourse in Berlin and tried to bring the „Berliner Karateclubs “ together.

For the 5th time this year this event was organised and Bernd was there ,ill,tired but eyes full of enthousiasm .

Bernd learned me to look at the culture and the history of Berlin , the war , the cold war, but also the“ Berliner Luft“, the story about the

Humboldt brothers and the Hackescher Markt…

We trained and practiced Chi Kung in the Berliner Shaolin Tempel with the Shaolin Monks and discussed a lot about Budo and energy .


Now it is over .

We lost one of our best members of the Kase Ha Academy and to me …Berlin will never be the same .

When we reorganise the 5 days September course in Berlin , it would be great to call it the „Memorial Bernd Brezinski“

To honor somebody there are three steps : To know the person ,to talk about him ,and to organise an event or a ceremony .


Hasselt , 5 Nov 2014,


Dirk Heene